Showing Preparation – Advice For Newburyport MA Homes

It is a good idea to make your home presentable before showings. When buyers visit your home, they must be able to see themselves living there. Showing preparation involves some simple tasks and can lead to your home selling faster and for a higher price. Below you will find advice for Newburyport MA homes.

Showing Preparation – Advice For Newburyport MA Homes

Clean, Clean, Clean

Give your home a good cleaning. Unclean surfaces and floors deter buyers. Be sure to remove clutter from your property. Cluttered spaces or large pieces of furniture can make rooms look smaller. Look into renting a storage space for unnecessary furniture and general storage items. Freshen up closets, kitchen cabinets, and other spaces as buyers have the habit to view those areas. A clean and clutter-free home allows viewers to look past your personal furnishings.

A Generic Home

While your home is listed for sale, make the home less about your personal preferences. This means eliminating any items that may distract buyers or give them preconceptions about who you are as a home owner. Hide family photos and decor that make unintended religious or political statements.

Protect Expensive Items

No matter how closely you or your agent keep an eye on people at showings, accidents and thefts do happen. Protect your expensive belongings by putting them in a safe place. Pay particular attention to small pieces that can be easily stolen. Lastly, Young children may accompany their parents at Newburyport MA homes, so hide any things that are easily broken and within reach of small visitors.

Repair and Replace

Do not leave out any fixtures not included in the sale of your home. This eliminates misconceptions on what comes with the house. Also identify needed repairs such as holes in walls, broken floor tiles, and dripping drains. When visitors see glaring problems that are ignored, they imagine that you must also ignore other basic repairs in your home throughout your time living there.

Showing Preparation and Final Tasks

Finally, there are some to-dos that you should complete immediately before a showing.

  • Remove Trash
  • Clean Rooms and Beds
  • Put Away Laundry
  • Let in Natural Light Through the Windows

Showing preparation will result in more buyer interest and higher offers. For additional advice on showing preparation or advice for Newburyport MA homes, contact John Wells at 978-518-1481 or

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