Realtor Ethics And You in Newburyport MA

Newburyport is blessed with a number of great Realtors seriously dedicated to the well-being of their clients.  Unfortunately, as with any other profession, we also have a few that are driven by greed at the cost of the client – and our profession.

Integrity Has To Drive This Business

We are dealing with your most important asset  and a decision that has a significant impact on your life, yet we are paid only when there is a “sale”, so there is an inherent conflict.  Honestly protecting your interest means perhaps suggesting that you don’t accept an offer, although if you accept it we get paid.  It means talking you out of buying a house that isn’t right for you.  Realtors who are entirely focused on money and closing a deal are often working in their own interest instead of that of their client.

Ethical Or Not?

For example, underpricing a listing and having a buyer the Realtor’s firm also represents put in an offer before other Realtors have a chance to show it.  If your Realtor does this and urges you to accept the offer, find out if other Realtors have had a chance to show the property.  There may be other buyers out there willing to pay more – but your Realtor would then have to split the commission.  It is against our code of ethics to do this, but it is done all too often.

How many listings does your Realtor take?  There is a limit to how many one person can manage.  Someone who spreads himself too thin is not looking after your interests.

Marketing And Local Laws

What about our local laws?  One Newburyport Realtor has the disturbing practice of plastering the town with signs “garbage on a stick” on public property, even though it is illegal and the request has been repeatedly made not to do this.  Our town has to use their resorces to have these removed regularly.  That shows pure greed and self-interest rather than taking our community interests at heart.

What About You?

Does your Buyer Agent push you to make quick decisions?    I tell my clients never to feel pressured to act unless they feel that they would be upset if someone else bought the home they are considering.  Some Realtors are taught how to “get the buyers off the fence”.  That is SO not our job, and you don’t want a Realtor with that mind set.

When you hire a Realtor, you are hiring a professional, and you are looking for someone who acts professionally and has high standards.    You are looking for a Realtor who understands the importance of Realtor Ethics.  Never sign on with someone because they are offering you some incentive or freebie other than the best possible service and the highest integrity.   This decision is too important to be swayed by a bribe for your business.   A commission cut, a gift, that all disappears quickly in a poorly executed purchase or sale handled by a Realtor more interested in money than in you.

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About Editor-John P. Wells

I am a resident of Newburyport and have worked in education, high tech and urban development. My interests in architecture and construction are invaluable to my clients. For more information please visit the Wellsco website.