Newburyport Closing Attorney Responsibilities

A closing represents a conclusion of all the actions and paperwork in the home buying process. It is the day a buyer becomes the owner of a home. A closing attorney performs the closing and has responsibilities prior to the closing date. This blog explains Newburyport closing attorney responsibilities.

Role of a Closing Attorney

A closing attorney is ordinarily assigned by the mortgage company to prepare documents and other activities for a closing. The attorney actually represents the lender although the purchaser is responsible for the fee. Some buyers elect to employ that same company to analyze paperwork such as purchase contracts on their behalf. However, they do have the right to get assistance from an attorney of their choosing.

Closing Attorney Responsibilities Prior to Closing

The closing attorney is responsible for a series of deliverables required in a real estate transaction. One of the first is a title search. This is a review of municipal paperwork on the property to ensure that the title is able to convey to a new owner. The second is compiling legal documents for the property transfer and loan. Finally, they are required to also produce settlement statements that explain the amounts for all parties in the transaction. Each of these helps lead to a successful closing.

Closing Day

The closing attorney conducts the actual closing by making sure the paperwork is endorsed and funds are transferred. The purchaser and seller are accountable for signing specific documents, although the majority need only the signature of the buyers. Some paperwork is submitted into public record while others are retained by the lender. Another critical part of a closing is the transfer of money. All charges and figures are noted in a settlement statement given to both buyer and seller. In most closings, money is given from the lender to the closing attorney for appropriate distribution.

Newburyport Closing Attorney Responsibilities

The official job of a closing attorney normally begins with a title search, but may often also involve examination of paperwork such as condominium contracts or purchase contracts. It is important to remember that they act on behalf of the mortgagor in the transaction no matter who pays their fee. Buyers, Sellers, and real estate professionals must all act well with a closing attorney to ensure a successful closing.

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