Newburyport MA Real Estate Market Report – Entire Year – Condominium

Newburyport MA sits along the Merrimack River about an hour north of Boston.  This is a thriving community with unique shopping, fine dining, arts and culture and breathtaking scenic beauty. This is also a community with a rich history, which you will see all around you.

The Newburyport MA real estate market report provides useful insights into the average price of properties sold condominium on a yearly basis.

Newburyport MA condominium Average Price Of Properties Sold

The average price of condominiums sold in Newburyport MA for the entire year increased 4.23% from $325,816. (in 2009) to $339,594. (in 2010). This after it increased 1.11% from $322,252. (in 2008) to $325,816. (in 2009). Prior to that there was a -3.45% change.  This shows a fairly steady price point for the average condominium sold over the past few years.

Average Price Of Properties Sold – Condominium – Entire Year

2010  $339,594.
2009  $325,816.
2008  $322,252.
2007  $333,7770

Newburyport MA Real Estate Market Report Summary

Now that you have seen the details on the Newburyport MA average price of properties sold, you have a better understanding that condo sales prices have stayed fairly consistent with a slight increase from 2008 – 2010.   What is going on?  Proposed development along the Merrimack River and Downtown area are said to be positioning Newburyport MA for a dramatic market change. Increasing downtown commerce, an ease of access to Boston and the beauty of the community  – prices are expected to rise.  If you are interested in living in this growing community – now is the time to buy in Newburyport MA.

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