Newburyport MA Basement Finishing Advice

Finishing a basement is an excellent way to create additional living area and add to the value of a home. It is often simpler than putting on an addition. Below you will find Newburyport MA basement finishing advice.

Outline a Plan

Begin with the purpose of finishing the basement such as a professional space, fitness room, recreation room, guest room or added storage. Consider the layout based on that use and include enough space for furniture, equipment, and other items. If using a local building professional, review your intentions and ask for input from them on layout, materials, and other considerations. Planning ahead and having discussions will help you make the space useful and will also make it less expensive.

Inspect the Space for Problems Prior to Beginning the Basement Finishing Process

Finishing a basement requires more than putting up drywall. Basements can house utility systems for your property and offer distinct challenges. Inspect the basement for potentially dangerous problems such as mold, mildew, dampness, and pests. Also check water and other systems that can impact the space. Understanding all of the systems and its impact on the renovation will help you better budget for the renovation.

Choose Appropriate Building Materials for Finishing a Basement

Basements are unlike primary levels of a home because they are below grade. Moisture and other conditions should be considered when selecting materials such as walls and flooring. It would be best to find materials that will tolerate the conditions or offer protection. Additional equipment such as a dehumidifier may also be a good idea.

Newburyport MA Basement Finishing Advice

The above Newburyport MA basement finishing advice are merely a few considerations when preparing for a renovation project. Careful planning of the space and materials will help minimize future issues and ensure solid construction of a delightful space to enjoy for many years. Ask your local Real Estate professional for advice on whether a finished basement can increase the value to your property and keep that information in mind as you budget for the renovation.

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I am a resident of Newburyport and have worked in education, high tech and urban development. My interests in architecture and construction are invaluable to my clients. For more information please visit the Wellsco website.