Merrimack River Jetty repairs set to go out to bid.

Jetty work set to begin was published by Newburyport News on June 2, 2012 and provides details on Merrimack River Jetty repairs set to go out to bid by the Arm Corps of Engineers’. Erosion on Plum Island is being blamed on the south jetty at the mouth of the Merrimack River which is in need of repairs.

Excerpt of “Jetty Work Set To Begin”

The Merrimack River Beach Alliance learned yesterday of the Army Corps of Engineers’ intent to post bids for the work, the ultimate sign the plan to fix the south jetty will become reality.

According to state Sen. Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, chairman of the MRBA, the bid window is 30 days, with repairs to start after Labor Day and completed by March 31.

“The fact that the people in the area can see these dates is important,” Newbury Selectman Joe Story said.Local officials also expressed excitement over an unexpected announcement yesterday by the Army Corps plans are in the works to build a mock-up model of the mouth of the Merrimack and the jetties.  The model will help engineers determine if changes need to be made in the shape and size of the jetties and to determine precisely where sand needs to be deposited in order to find long-term solutions to erosion on the island.

The cost estimate for the south jetty project is $5 million, Tarr said, and the Army Corps has allocated $3.5 million to start, with hopes that the remaining money will be allocated, as well.  The initial installment will repair up to the first bend in the jetty, which is more than half of the jetty’s length, Tarr said.  “That will repair the (breach in the jetty causing) leakage,” Ron Barrett, of Plum Island Taxpayers and Associates, said.Given the economy, Tarr thinks that the $3.5 million could buy more than expected.   It’s a good bid climate, and bids could come in low, he said.

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