Newburyport MA Comedy Night At The Grog Every Monday Evening 2011

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I was searching for a meal and remembering a steak I’d had a the Grog, I read about Comedy Night at the Grog on Monday evenings, so I went over.

I kind of expected at open mike type thing, and so wasn’t terribly surprised to find nothing going on. I sat at the bar, ordered my drink and food, and then asked the bartender why it was so quiet. He told me to go upstairs. Of course! And in the delightful upstairs bar I found quite a little crowd with an active organization that plans and introduces the stand-up comics.

Why Visit the Next Comedy Night At The Grog in Newburyport MA

Be sure to attend the next Newburyport MA Comedy Night at the Grog. It was fun and a great thing to do – Monday Night, upstairs at the Grog at 7:30… I’ll be back.

The Newburyport MA Comedy Night at the Grog is on Every Monday Evening at 13 Middle Street .

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