2012 Town Meeting On LHD Newburyport MA

The 2012 Town Meeting On LHD Newburyport MA will be held Thursday, June 21 at 7PM at Newburyport High School Auditorium.

The proposed Newburyport Local Historic District is designed to protect the city’s best-known historic architecture and its setting. The District would encompass High Street and the commercial downtown between Federal and Winter Streets.

The nationally acknowledged restoration of the Market Square/ State Street area and the continued presence of outstanding residences on High Street have made real estate in the proposed district highly desirable.

In the effort to maximize the property’s usable space, owners have removed historic features, authorized teardowns, and built oversize additions. The LHD process is intended to protect historical architecture and encourage new construction compatible to the surrounding buildings.

Commonsense guidelines focus on permanent changes visible from the street. Routine maintenance and temporary features like paint, gutters, and sheds are exempt from review. Property owners considering renovations apply for permission from the LHD Commission.

2012 Town Meeting On LHD Newburyport MA Details

The Newburyport Local Historic District Study Committee (LHDSC) will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Newburyport High School Auditorium (241 High Street, Newburyport, MA) to hear from residents of the proposed district and local citizens about the preliminary study report, proposed district map, and ordinance.

Comments can be submitted to the LHDSC in writing via the Newburyport Office of Planning & Development, City Hall, 60 Pleasant Street, Newburyport, 01950 or by email at lhdsc@cityofnewburyport.com.

Town Meeting On LHD on Thursday, June 21 at 7PM , 2012

Attend the Town Meeting On LHD on Thursday, June 21 at 7PM by visiting Newburyport High School Auditorium. Are you Pro LHD in Newburyport?

This is a very important meeting to voice your opinion and let the board see and hear your support. Let your voice be heard!

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